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Motivation - 24 December, 2017

Power Of Appreciation

We often say “thank you” to others and what I have personally experienced is that “I appreciate you” is much different than a ‘thank you word’.I know all of us are taught to say “please” and “thank you” whether it is required or not.

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Author : Reji Varghese

Reji M Varghese is a Post graduate Electrical Engineer from MANIT Bhopal (India) with his Under Graduate Engineering degree from NIT Rourkela (India). In Dec 2003 he established the company ADONAI. He has overall responsibility for creating, planning, implementing and integrating the strategic direction of the organization.

It was in the year 2010, one of our clients had landed into a serious crisis, when an IT company that was managing all their ERP development started behaving beyond all business ethics which created problems of such an extent that involved database theft, breach of contract and insertion of malicious code into the ERP application. The management of the organization was in a difficult situation as they had no clue about how to fix it. As an IT company located locally in the city, we were asked to intervene to sort out the errors..

I deputed the most efficient and experienced programmers of my company in the task and as a team they worked to sort out the problems and in a very short time the problems which created scary nightmares to the top management of the organization, were soothed down and my team could restore the system properly and when everything was settled I was personally called in by the management and they appreciated the efforts that my team had put in and the speed in which the entire system was put back in place, in spite of the fact that the software source code was not written by us. We had created a parallel bridging application to set things right which made the management extremely happy. They had not only appreciated our efforts but honored my company by signing an MOU with us by outsourcing their entire software service needs to our firm. Later in an event organized by them, they gave such a heartfelt appreciation to me and my team that lifted my spirit of confidence to new heights. It is the Power of Appreciation. I don’t know how many of us appreciate others for the good that they do for us.

As I take motivational seminars to various groups of people, I have interacted with parents who complain “My children don’t appreciate a thing that I do for them” ..What does that parent want to communicate with me? “My children are not at all grateful for all those great things that I am doing for them, they don’t understand the value of things that I have been doing for them, they don’t realize the worth or the importance of me as a parent…” The result is quite evident… a gut feeling of being unappreciated.

We often say “thank you” to others and what I have personally experienced is that “I appreciate you” is much different than a ‘thank you word’.I know all of us are taught to say “please” and “thank you” whether it is required or not. It comes as an involuntary response. But I think a word of APPRECIATION is specially unique. It is cherished, personal and it lifts up the mood and spirit in a positive manner.

My personal experience as a son, husband, father and as an employer, taught me how important it is to appreciate what is going well. But the problem with many of us is that we keep dwelling on what is not going well and start blaming ourselves or others who are responsible for that situation. When we dwell on the negative side of things, instead of them getting better, they go worse..

I started applying this great principle of appreciating others, instead of finding their negatives,since the time I did a coaching and counseling course from Symbiosis University.It did bring in a change in my outlook towards me and others as well.

We can see how the power of appreciation works everywhere… There is a great magical power when you appreciate others or when you get an appreciation and it creates wonders. It can transform a person inevitably.

When we learn to appreciate others even for the smallest of things, it can miraculously transform relationships at work and business places , with our family, and with our friends and I am sure this can bring prosperity in every areas of our lives if we use the powerful force of APPRECIATION.

Jack Canfield in his book “The Success Principles” uses a striking argument “A state of appreciation is one of the highest vibrational emotional states possible.” But it is unfortunate to say that, while accepting APPRECIATION is a magnificent thing , how eager we are to give it back to our fellow beings and put the APPRECIATION practically in our daily lives…?